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Welcome to the Nursery!  This is where you will find all the info regarding chicks to be expected, eggs or chicks in the nest and babies!  This page is updated regularly with pictures and videos as the babies grow into wonderful companions.



















# Refers to the chronological order in which the eggs were laid.

* These are presumed dates, based on the age and the current status of each individual baby.  When we put a date in this box, that means that particular baby has been moved to a seperate cage for evaluation, which takes about a week, the purpose being to evaluate each baby to insure they are eating and drinking on their own before they can leave.  If the baby is still eating on his own & doing well in the seperate cage after one week, then he will be able to go to his new home on this date!

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me or visit my FAQ page.

To reserve a baby from this clutch, please fill out a Budgie Application


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